To Dive or Not to Dive

To Dive or Not to DiveOne has to wonder if the title of this piece can really be a question that players these days are entertaining. Certainly it is the opinion of many that there are those in football today that seemingly ask themselves that very question in any match where they think it might benefit them or simply hurt their opponent.

Ashley Young really wanted that penalty

With the draw between Manchester United and Real Sociedad in the Champions League this week we are left with one familiar face that stands out from the crowd as far from a fan favorite. Ashley Young has been accused by several prominent ex-Utd players and fans for diving in the penalty area in an attempt to gain an advantage against Real. The fact that Robin van Persie failed to score does little to lessen the sting for fans as they were forced to watch such a despicable act.

Of course this is not the first time that Young has been reprimanded for diving. David Moyes had to warn him not to do it again after incidents earlier in the year. However this time he was of the opinion that it was not a dive but a genuine fall caused by Sociedad’s Markel Bergara. This opinion of course is not shared by former captain Roy Keane and others as the general consensus is that Young’s actions were deplorable and he “conned” the ref. Sadly his answer to the question of to dive or not to dive seems to have been a yes.

It can’t get any worse than that right?

In terms of diving thankfully no it does not get worse. At least for now that is. No if we want to look at something worse we need not look very far. While another controversy partly involves Manchester united once again it is in fact the team they play last Saturday that is in the spotlight still. Fulham defender Sascha Riether as many will be aware stamped on United’s Adnan Januzai during stoppage time in their crushing 1-3 defeat against the Devils.

The real controversy though comes not from Riether though as he publicly stated on his twitter @saschariether that he wanted to apologise to Januzaj for what he had done. He apologised as well to the rest of his teams and to his fans. Despite this apology and admission of guilt Fulham have decided to challenge the FA under their own rulebook which as many will know has already allowed Chelsea striker Fernando Torres to escape any punishment for scratching the face of Tottenham’s Jan Vertonghen. Only time will tell if this challenge is upheld.


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